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Basic principles (EN 14501)


The thermal and visual performance of solar protection devices plays an important role in the overall performance of a glazed structure.

Winter thermal conditions are often the main focus of regulations (U value of a glazed structure). However TEXTINERGIE shows that significant energy savings can be made by using solar protection devices.

To optimize their performance, the thermal properties of glazed structures should be variable (not only from season to season but also on a daily basis). This can only be achieved with adjustable solar protection systems.

In winter, a solar protection system in a retracted position allows a maximum amount of sunlight to enter. At certain times of the day, the solar protection system ensures that the visual comfort of the room is maintained (low sun).

In summer, conversely, it is necessary to block out as much sunlight as possible in order to minimize energy consumption of the air-conditioning. The solar factor of the glazed area must be as low as possible: this is the case when the solar protection system is extended.

The performance of solar protection devices is mainly characterized by the solar factor. The total solar factor gtot is the ratio of the energy transmitted within a glazed area over the incident solar energy.

Facteur solaire total d'une baie

      Total solar factor gtot of a glazed structure

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