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TEXTINERGIE is a simple tool which quantifies potential energy savings in buildings by using textile solar protection devices.

TEXTINERGIE compares the energy needs within a room before and after being fitted out with solar protection devices.

The user selects:

  • - The climatic zone,
  • - The façade aspect,
  • - The glazed surface of the room,
  • - The type of double glazing (B, C or D according to EN 14501),
  • - The positioning of the blind (internal or external),
  • - The type of textile,
  • - The textile colour.

Once the configuration has been defined, TEXTINERGIE gives two different levels of results:

  • - Simplified results: % of energy saving associated with air-conditioning and other installations (air-conditioning + heating + artificial lighting),
  • - Detailed results: calculated temperature (°C); needs (kWh) and % of energy saving for each unit (air-conditioning, heating and lighting); daylight (lux).

The results are given for a glazing with and without blinds.

TEXTINERGIE is not a software package for estimating visual comfort and thermal energy consumption. The actual simulations have been made in advance and incorporated into a database. The user selections draw directly from this database.

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